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Tappin' In R&D

Over several months myself and creative producer, Lou Lomas have worked with some incredible artists and practitioners to investigate what the outdoor section of Tappin' In will look like.

We've come up with some exciting ideas and proposals for artists, participants and audiences alike. During the rest of 2021 we'll be working as hard as we can to make this project a reality for 2022.

Below is everyone who has been involved in this R&D period. We've been incredibly lucky to work with practitioners who have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to working outdoors with a community cast.


Stephanie Ridings – Lead Artist

Lou Lomas - Creative Producer

Orit Azaz – Associate Director
Jess Murray – Tap Specialist Consultant
Robby Graham – Mass Movement Director
Christopher Green – Creative Collaborator
Miss Highlegkick/Francesca Baglione – Creative Collaborator
Jeanefer Jean-Charles  - Mass movement Consultant

Janet Vaughan - Designer

Rachel Bunce – Film Maker 
Tom Langford – Production Manager 

Below are some short films reflecting on the findings of our recent R&D

 Outdoors v's Indoors
Working with Participants
Working at Scale
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