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Capital Plays/Pecha Kucha

Back in April I was asked to write a short for Pecha Kutcha which was the closing event for Capital Writing Festival in Birmingham. Pecha Kutcha was developed in Tokyo for designers to show work and network. Generally a presentation involves 20 images and the speaker has 20 seconds to discuss each image. For the Capital Writing Festival rather than a presentation the challenge was to create a play using the 20x20 format.

So on a very hot Sunday evening in a studio theatre at Mac Birmingham, 8 writers all presented their short plays. It was really interesting to see how differently each writer approached their set of 20 images and interpreted them.

The result of my 20 images, One Day Music Will Play, told the story of a couple who are unable to move on after an accident changes their life.

The event was videoed so when it’s up on the Pecha Kucha Coventry website I’ll provide a link.

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