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The Incredibles

I have just had the pleasure of working with Birmingham REP’s Learning and Participation department and Midland Heart Housing on a project titled The Incredibles. The participants were all made up of customers of Midland Heart from round the region.

The finished piece, Tea and Sandwiches, was a verbatim piece based on interviews the participants had recorded with other customers of the housing association as well as their own.

As writer on the project I listened to a good few hours of amazing and at times incredibly moving stories, from saving a 2 legged dog to escaping domestic violence and the on-going struggle of addiction. Not forgetting an incredible man who became a speedway champion quite by chance.

The participants showcased the work at the REP’s new Studio space on 24th March and did a ridiculously good job. A few members of the group asked me afterwards, when we all may have had a drink in our hand, if they had done the script proud. Without any doubt they did themselves and the script incredibly proud. It was one of those projects that will always feel very special and a joy to have been a part of.

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