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The Road to Huntsville - First Bite Commission

I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded a 2015 First Bite commission by China Plate, Warwick Arts Centre, mac birmingham and greenhouse for The Road to Huntsville. This is a brand new piece, which I showed a work in progress extract at First Bite earlier this month.

The Road to Huntsville explores themes around women who fall in love and marry men on death row. It is an exploration into unconventional love, state homicide and challenging preconceptions. The work will see me work again with Independent Producer Pippa Frith and there are already lots of exciting plans in place.

The work will appear (in some shape or form) at Bite Size which will take place on 7 November 2015 at Warwick Arts Centre. Bite Size is a national platform promoting work from across the region and is a great opportunity for industry and audiences to see a wide range of work in one place on one day. For more information please visit

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