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I've been cheating on my own website

I can't believe I haven't posted anything here since I went to Texas. To be fair 2016 was mainly about The Road to Huntsville which has its on website and so most posts were happening over there.

During 2016 The Road to Huntsville became a fully finished piece. There was a small preview tour before the show went to the Edinburgh Festival and Summerhall for August 2016 where we won an award, got a five star review and appeared on Kirsty Wark's BBC2 Edinburgh Nights.

The show will be touring during 2017 and there are dates on the website.

During 2016 I finished Creative Englands iWrite programme and wrote Dylan's Parents for Live Lunch at the Royal Court. I was also invited back by the Royal Court to take part in a week long workshop with themselves and Kudos TV. Everyone was so friendly and lovely it was a brilliant week in London.

This year as well as touring I will be starting a new project exploring the pressure society puts on women to have children.

To quote a seasonal song, 'Lets hope its a good one without (m)any tears.'

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