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The Fear of Fear

So the new project has secured its funding for an R&D to begin over the coming months. The Fear of Fear will explore fear as tool of manipulation for personal gain, global fears along with phobias and my own fears. I'm going to undertake some tasks which I will hate and my Huntsville partner in crime, Rachel Bunce, will be filming these again.

The work is commissioned by Warwick Arts Centre and is supported by Grants for the Arts and the Sir Barry Jackson Trust. And in these times when it is getting harder and harder to secure funding I am truly grateful for all their support. I will be working with the Psychology Department at Warwick University to make sure the work has academic integrity. I'm also working with Creative Learning at Warwick Arts Centre and will be undertaking workshops with different groups which will feed into the work.

Once again I am teaming up with the amazing Pippa Frith to produce the project. We've got history now having done Unknown Male and The Road to Huntsville together.

The first stop for fear is to pitch at Bitesize at Warwick arts Centre in October.

Full details of the project and team will follow shortly along with a dedicated website for all research and findings.

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