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Are we where we are?

Earlier in the year I was commissioned by Theatre Absolute to write and respond to their provocation, Are We Where We Are? This is a two-year theatre project inspired by the work of the American novelist Henry David Thoreau, whose book ‘Walden: A Life In The Woods’ was published in 1854.

Taking this on board I decided to write quite a personal story which examines mine and my family’s experience of my brother’s mental health struggles and diagnosis of Asperger’s. The four of us as a family we are all in a very different place to where we imaged ourselves. The ultimate message being positive and my brother’s happiness being the most important destination.

I also, got the audience to sing Don’t Cry for me Argentina which was both a delight and a fearful 5 mins.

This is a film Theatre Absolute have made of the two-year project.

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