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Humans at Work

It's 1969 and Coventry is a phoenix risen from the post war depression. It is a city where industry is booming and people arrive from all over the world to work.

A Great Places project with Coventry City of Culture  and Warwick Arts Centre

At a factory in the city three very different women find themselves assembling radios and trying to make sense of the modern world and their place within it.

Based on first accounts, interviews and archive material, Humans at Work is a snap shot of real working life in a factory in Coventry; a city and a nation that finds itself on the cusp of change.

Alex Kepila

Alison Belbin

Dan McGarry

Miriam O’Brien


Written by Stephanie Ridings
Directed b
y Greg Homann

Produced by Nobulali Dangazele 
Set & Costumes by Abby Clarke
Lighting Design by Amanda Fleming 
Stage Managed by Tracy Croft

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