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Tappin' In

Tappin' In is a co-created tap and story celebration of  the West Midlands and those who call is home.

The Fear of Fear

I've always run away from fear but what happens if you turn towards it and face your fears?

The Fear of Fear.jpg

The Road to Huntsville

“I’m trying to understand why British women fall in love with men on death row. I’m corresponding with Jonny, incarcerated in Texas.I’m trying to understand the death penalty and how that fits into our 21st Century world. I’m trying not to be judgemental."

Unknown Male

The track looks like any other ordinary train track. Nothing to indicate what happened here......

Unknown Male.jpg

The National Express

Take the National Express when your life’s in a mess, it will make you smile.... Three women set out on a journey from London to Manchester to test if this theory is in fact true.

The National Express 1.jpg

Me, Mum & Dusty Springfield

What I'm going to tell you now won't be able to say.....

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